Membership of ICAE

Membership Membership of The International Center for Academic EvaluationTM

Membership is by invitation only. Anyone interested in joining may contact an existing member who will turn the name over to the board for consideration. An invitation to join does not insure acceptance.

Requirements for Membership

The member organizations of The International Center for Academic EvaluationTM all must demonstrate the highest standard of knowledge in the assessment of education, and hold an extensive modern reference library including relevant resources.

Organizations are invited to join and will succeed for membership by satisfying member criteria, containing:

  • The organization needs to hold an autonomous and self-governing status.
  • Its upper level evaluators must be familiar with student admission policies worldwide.
  • Evaluators should work to have articles published about international education issues.
  • All staff members are required to adhere to the ICAE  standards of practice.

The ICAE membership is provided solely after a thorough review to insure that all members meet the standards set forth.