Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection The ways and means for Consumer Protection of The International Center for Academic Evaluation and AccreditationTM

The ways and means for Consumer Protection:

  1. ICEA will submit itself for inspection and accreditation by the US Department of Education tand it's accredited members as well as any government agency and U.S. Better Business Bureau. The accreditation processing takes about one year to complete. All members are required to do this as well within the 2nd year of membership.

  2. Although credential evaluation services are not required to register with the State Consumer Affairs Office, that office accepts voluntary affidavits binding the credential evaluation service for disciplinary action and inspection by representatives of the State Consumer Affairs Office for any violation of Consumer Laws. ICEA will supply these voluntary affidavits and all members are required to follow the same guidelines and are encouraged to submit these documents as well.

  3. Credential evaluation services will be included in its mailing lists to receive periodic Consumer Affairs guidelines, news and updates on consumer rights and new laws on Consumer Protection.

  4. ECAE shall establish a Complaint Section where the public may file complaints against erring members. All members will be required to respond and any with excess complaints or more than three unresolved complaints will be suspended from their membership.